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Extreme Picture Finder is an innovative software designed for image users who need to download specific images from websites or search engines. With this software, users can easily download a large number of images at once, eliminating the need to find and save each image individually.Using Extreme Picture Finder is simple. Users can set their desired search parameters, and the software will automatically find and download the perfect images. Multiple images can be downloaded simultaneously, speeding up the process. The search criteria can also be adjusted as needed, making it suitable for both casual users and professionals in need of images for various projects.One of the standout features of Extreme Picture Finder is the ability to preview images as they are downloading. This, along with the easy download process, makes it a valuable tool for those working on specific projects. However, it's worth noting that the maximum number of images that can be saved is 20,000. If more storage space is required, users may need to explore alternative options.The software also includes several updates and fixes. For example, when re-downloading from a website using an existing project, the software will not save a new file if the file size is the same. The option to preserve the folder structure of the site is now turned off by default for new TGP projects. Additionally, the page parsing algorithm has been improved, allowing Extreme Picture Finder to find more links in the plain text of pages. Altavista search has been fixed, and two new search engines, and, have been added to the built-in web picture search.Overall, Extreme Picture Finder is a powerful batch image downloader and web picture finder. It simplifies the process of downloading images from websites and offers various customization options to ensure users get exactly what they need. Whether you're a casual user or a professional, this software is a valuable tool for managing and downloading images.

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